Meredith Mishan, MS, RDN

close up visual of hummus with sesame seeds

Can You Eat Hummus When Pregnant?

With pregnancy comes tons of questions about food, especially which foods are safe and which should be avoided for the next nine months.  You probably already know that undercooked meat and runny eggs should be avoided, but what about hummus? Is this delectable Middle Eastern staple safe during pregnancy or is it a no-go?  The …

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Fruit, Health, and Tu B’Shevat

Happy Tu B’Shevat everyone! The new year for trees starts this evening, and one of the ways we celebrate is by eating fruit – especially those noted in the Torah as being associated with Israel, like figs and dates. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’ve found that a lot of my clients are nervous about …

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Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy?

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a small percentage of sales, at no extra cost to you. When the weather is hot, there’s nothing like cooling down with a frozen treat. My friends and I loved to visit the local frozen yogurt place during blistering North Carolina summers.  Like ice cream, frozen …

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