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If you’re a woman struggling with healthy eating and body dissatisfaction, then I’m so glad you’ve found my page, because I’ve devoted over 10 years to helping women just like you.

You’re in the right place if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You tell yourself every day that you’re going to start eating healthier, only for things to end up off track
  • You are busy and looking for quick and easy recipes and healthy eating tips that fit your lifestyle
  • You’re dissatisfied with your body and want to change 
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by all of the conflicting diet advice on social media and want to learn the truth
  • You regularly find yourself overeating or bingeing and are scared that you can’t stop
  • You have health concerns like PCOS, pre-diabetes/diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and you want to improve your health with food
  • You don’t want to be forced to eat foods that you hate just because they’re healthy. You also don’t want to give up your favorite foods.
  • You feel guilty for “failing” every time you don’t succeed with a new diet or food plan
  • You let your emotions dictate what and how much you eat

Why should you trust me to help you?

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Master of Science in Dietetics & Nutrition. I’ve been working as an RDN for over 10 years, with women just like you.
Not only that, but I’ve also had my own fair share of struggles with food, healthy eating, and body dissatisfaction over the years. I can relate to you because I’ve been in your shoes, and I know exactly how hard it can be to change your eating habits and lifestyle.
The practical tips, tools, and techniques I’ll share with you aren’t

just something I’ve read about in a textbook or learned sitting through various graduate school lectures. These techniques are the very ones I’ve also used myself and for my clients who have changed their eating habits and relationship with food and their bodies with long-term success. I’m sharing this with you because I believe that you can also nourish yourself in a way that fits easily within your busy lifestyle and stop feeling stressed about every bite you eat.

When food no longer has such a hold over you, you can quit feeling guilty and just feel free. 

Here's a Sample of What We Might Work On Together


I am on a good track now and even feel that I also am happier with my weight. I am in a positive mood and would definitely approach Meredith if I found myself taking steps backwards again. She helped me so much!


Meredith is a dedicated, professional dietitian who helped me incorporate healthy eating practices with a plan that was effortless and sustainable. Best of all, on top of knowing her stuff, Meredith genuinely cares – she’s patient, kind and nonjudgmental.


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