Ready to feel better and live a healthier, happier life?

Say Goodbye to Fad Diets and Hello to Healthy Habits + Body Confidence!

Do You Feel Like Healthy Eating is Too Complicated, Time-Consuming, and Impossible to Commit to Long-Term?

Finally, a Personalized, Sustainable Nutrition Plan That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle!

Have you tried multiple diets only to “get off track” again and again?

Do you feel confused about the best way to fuel your body to promote health and wellness?

Are you unhappy with how you look and feel in your body?

Do you tell yourself again and again that you’re going to stop snacking or eating carbs?

Do you ever feel out of control with food and overeat, especially at night?

You are not alone.

What Do You Need Help With?


Weight Dissatisfaction

You try dieting again and again, but nothing seems to stick. Like a yo-yo, your weight goes up and down with each new diet you try. You want to finally learn easy healthy eating habits that will last.


Bingeing & Overeating

You often eat past the point of fullness, perhaps even engaging in nightly binges. You feel out of control and like you’ll never be able to stop overeating. You’re desperate for help. 


Health Problems

Your cholesterol levels are too high. You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or are worried because it runs in your family. You have high blood pressure but want to get it under control without medications. 


General Healthy Eating

You want to learn how to easily incorporate healthy eating into your busy lifestyle. You have questions about what healthy eating even is and you want answers. You want guidance that fits your personal lifestyle.

The Good News Is: You Don't Have to Suffer Any Longer!

As a result of working with me, my clients:

  • Learn how to eat healthy without feeling deprived
  • Finally stop hating their bodies
  • Increase their energy levels
  • Lower their cholesterol levels
  • Stop overeating 
  • Feel more in-tune with their bodies
  • Decrease cravings
  • Improve their blood sugars
  • Feel confident in their food choices
  • Lower their blood pressure
  • Become masters at mindfulness
  • Stop feeling confused about healthy eating
  • Eat nutritiously without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Learn to recognize intuitive hunger & fullness cues
  • Stop dreading exercise & seeing it as punishment
  • Get sustainable results without rigid diet rules
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About me

My name is Meredith, and I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience helping women like you.

I believe that every woman deserves to have a better relationship with food and her body. I help women say goodbye to restrictive diet rules and, instead, embrace healthy eating practices that are easy, sustainable, and personalized to fit their busy lifestyles.  I offer online nutrition counseling for clients around the world.

Happy Clients

These clients achieved their goals while working with me. So can you!

I had been bingeing for years and honestly didn't think it was possible to stop. Working with Meredith proved me wrong. I have completely stopped binge eating.
- A.
It was your sage advice that allowed me to get healthy and live my best life. I'll never forget it!
- D.
The whole experience from beginning to end was extremely positive and successful.
- V.

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